“Let Your Natural Space Tell Your Story”

Thank You Mother Earth represents things that she has given us.  I bring elements of nature into every space I create.  Bringing nature in has a way of freeing the mind, body, and spirit. From our 100% natural soy candles, to our reclaimed, real wood picture frames; you are bound to feel Earth’s arms around you.  This is the natural way of life.  All of my products are made from all natural ingredients, such as, dead sea salt, African shea butter, and finest of oils.   


Reusable candles

TYME candle jars are reusable.  You can use them as vases and jams jars, just to name a few. Simply clean out the jar with alcohol and them soak in soap and hot water.  They will be ready to go!


Caribbean Teakwood

Caribbean Teakwood is one of my favorite candles.  It is infused with cedar wood, patchouli, and pimento berry.  All of these notes combined makes my nose happy; like I am laying on a yacht, cruising on the South of France. 

The perfect mood

Candles can evoke emotions, depending on the fragrance of choice.  Earth's Lavender Soother, relaxes the mind, body and soul.  While Earth's Lemon Verbena uplifts the spirit.


Price List

Mason Jars with Rustic Lid

Mason Jars with Rustic Lid

Apothecary Jar with Glass Lid


Fragrances List

Earth's Lemongrass & Fig
bright and natural smelling citrus, rich woody bouquet with oak moss and velvety cashmere

Earth's Pineapple & Herb
unexpected and exotic blend with sweet pineapple and aromatic sage

Earth's By The Sea
fresh and airy bouquet of orange blossom notes with a subtle hint of musk

Earth's Caribbean Teakwood
infused with cedar wood, patchouli, black pepper, and
pimento berry essential oils

Earth's Dark Noir
sweet and sultry fusion of sandalwood, musk, and amber

Earth's English Garden
notes of lily, lilac, rose and hyacinth


Earth's Rosemary & Lavender
herbal mood enhancer, with fresh sprigs of lavender

Earth's Coastal Flower
smooth and elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty highlights

Earth's Lavender Soother
lush lavender with the soothing scent of chamomile flower

Earth's Lemon Verbena
spunky lemon & floral verbena combines in this uplifting delight 

Earth's Red Ginger Saffron
a full body scent of citrus and spice

Earth's Sandy Beaches
refreshing salt water, sea moss, and musk

Earth's Vanilla Bean
sweet, buttery, classic scent

Earth's Garden Mint
peppery mint leaves, fresh cut from the garden

Earth's Forbidden Fruit
a mix of guava, passion fruit, with a touch of peach