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Why Soy?

Soy candles have many bene!ts to the user and environment. First, soy offers much cleaner burning than para#n wax and less black soot to worry about. In addition to a cleaner scent, these candles can also o"er a better scent throw, which measures how efficiently a candle fragrance can !ll a room. Many people who complain about headaches after burning a para#n candle do not have the same issue with soy candles.

The environmental bene!ts of natural soy candles are also great. First, soy is a renewable source, making it much more environmentally friendly than other types of materials. Because soy is grown in the United States, using soy candles bene!ts the American farmer and economy. The soy that is harvested is also processed into wax right here in this country. Soy is a 100 percent vegetable byproduct; there is no petroleum byproduct used in this material. Finally, soy wax is water soluble, making clean up easy with soap and water.


What is a phthalate? Are our fragrances
phthalate free?

All our fragrances are phthalate free. Phthalates are used to dissolve raw materials in apothecary, medicine, and fragrances. Recently there has beenconcern linking high levels of phthalates to health issues, especially in children. While there are no rules against phthalate use in candles, we decided not to work with fragrances with phthalates in them. The levels of phthalates typically found in a candle are not harmful to a consumer or manufacturer, but we decided that simpler is always better.


How is soy wax made?

Soy beans are husked and dried into flake form, then the oil is extracted from the flakes and hydrogenated. The hydrogenation alters the chemical compound so that soy bean oil is a solid at room temperature - soy wax! Leftover bean husks are typically used as animal feed.