What a joy it is to wake up early mornings…to be able to look outside and see what was created just for us and our pleasure. She has given us (T.Y.M.E.) and everything else we need to sustain. On this particular day in 2016, as I sipped my coffee, I kept saying to myself the words “thank you”, over and over in my head. I just felt so blessed. It was in that moment “Thank You Mother Earth” was born. I have always been creative, but only in my head, afraid to express my passion for Home Décor and Natural Products. I am not sure what clicked, but on that day, I realized it was our T.Y.M.E. to show her what we are made of. My love for rustic antiques, amazing scents, and passion to make peoples’ home a place they not only want to live, but dwell, keeps me enthusiastic and excited about making artisan gift just for you.

Bringing nature in has a way of freeing the
mind, body, and spirit.

Thank You Mother Earth represents things that she has given us.  Bringing nature in every candle has a way of freeing the mind, body, and spirit. My hand-poured candles are 100% soy wax without any wax or color additives, phthalate free, with cotton, lead and zinc free wicks, made special, just like you.  Each candle is lovingly hand- poured, in the candle studio, in NC.  

“Home is where the heart is”

Here at Thank You Mother Earth, I believe, “home is where the heart is”. Always remember where you come from. My desire is to design a space that you can be proud of and make your guest feel at home. Whatever it is we want to make your space unique. Your home is a direct reflection of your style, state of mind, and focus. The fact that I am finally able to live my dreams of bringing nature into peoples’ spaces,create a comfortable environment, and cultivate healthy products, is such an honor and blessing.